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the matchstickOur matchsticks are safe for children and of true food grade.It supports children's capacity for hands-on learning, parent-child communication, creativity, counting, and other capacity building.We manufacture matchsticks with the following dimensions: 43 x 2.2 x 2.2 mm; poplar or birch; 25 kg per me for any additional messages!Organizational DataBusiness Profile:We are HeiLongjiang Linke Wooden Product Co.,Ltd., a company that manufactures and exports wooden products.
Country / Region
Heilongjiang, China
Business Type
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Total Annual Revenue
Response Time
Main Products
Wooden Knife Fork And Spoon Wooden Educational Toys Wooden Stick
Total Annual Revenue
Total Employees
51 - 100 People
Year Established
Main Markets
Domestic Market 29.00%, Western Europe 25.00%, North America 20.00%
Type Safety
Usage Household
Color Of Match Head without
Place of Origin Heilongjiang, China
Brand Name Linke
Model Number 2mmx2mmx42mm,2mmx2mmx43mm and others
Poplar tree wood white or others color
Material Birch or poplar
Color Natural or colored
Packing opp bag+header card

"Match sticks" are a fire-starting tool that can be used by both adults and children, but with different levels of supervision and caution.

For adults, "match sticks" can be used safely by following these instructions:

  1. Store match sticks in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.
  2. Strike the match on the striking surface provided on the box or book, firmly and quickly.
  3. Hold the match at arm's length when lighting it to avoid burns.
  4. Use the match to light candles, stoves, campfires, or other items that require a flame.
  5. Extinguish the match completely by dipping it in water or pressing it against a non-flammable surface before disposing of it.

For children, "match sticks" should only be used under adult supervision and with extra caution due to the risk of fire and burns. Parents or guardians should follow these guidelines:

  1. Keep match sticks out of reach of young children.
  2. Teach older children about fire safety and proper use of matches.
  3. Only allow children to use matches under adult supervision.
  4. Inspect the area around the match before lighting it to ensure there is nothing flammable nearby.
  5. Remind children to hold the match at arm's length when lighting and to extinguish it completely before disposal.

Please use "match sticks" responsibly and follow all safety instructions to prevent accidents and injuries.

Matchsticks are a small but widely used product that consists of a wooden stick with a combustible tip that ignites when struck against a rough surface. Here are some common questions and answers about the appearance and safety of matchsticks:

Q: What do matchsticks look like? A: Matchsticks typically consist of a thin wooden stick, often made from softwood such as pine or aspen, with a small head at one end. The head is coated with a combustible mixture that usually includes potassium chlorate, sulfur, and powdered glass. The head may be colored to indicate the type of matchstick, such as red for safety matches.

Q: Are matchsticks safe to use? A: When used properly, matchsticks are generally considered safe. However, they can pose a fire hazard if not handled with care. Always keep matchsticks away from flammable materials and use them in a well-ventilated area. Never leave lit matchsticks unattended, and be sure to fully extinguish them before disposing of them.

Q: Can matchsticks spontaneously ignite? A: While it is rare for matchsticks to spontaneously ignite, it is possible under certain conditions. Matchsticks should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sources of heat or flame. Do not expose matchsticks to direct sunlight or store them in a hot car or other enclosed space.

Q: What should I do if a matchstick breaks off in the box? A: If a matchstick breaks off inside the box, carefully remove the broken piece and discard it. Do not attempt to light a broken matchstick, as it may ignite unpredictably and cause injury.

Q: How long do matchsticks last? A: Matchsticks have a limited shelf life and can become less effective over time. Check the expiration date on the box, and replace any matchsticks that are past their prime. Keep in mind that exposure to moisture can also reduce the effectiveness of matchsticks.

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